Independence is a city located in Jackson County, Missouri, United States. It is known for its historical significance as the hometown of President Harry S. Truman and as a key starting point for westward expansion during the 19th century. Independence is an integral part of the Kansas City metropolitan area and has a rich cultural and historical heritage.


Independence is situated in the western part of Missouri and is approximately 10 miles east of downtown Kansas City. It covers a total land area of approximately [insert land area] square miles. The city is characterized by a diverse landscape, including residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, and historical sites. Independence is also known for its scenic parks and recreational areas, providing residents and visitors with opportunities for outdoor activities.


As of the [insert year] census, Independence had a population of [insert population] people. The city has a diverse population, with residents from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. The demographics of Independence reflect its rich history and the presence of a vibrant and inclusive community.

Independence is renowned for its historical sites, including the Harry S. Truman National Historic Site, which includes the Truman Home, Truman Farm Home, and the Truman Presidential Library and Museum. These sites provide visitors with insights into the life and legacy of President Truman.

The city also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating its heritage and culture. Independence is a city that embraces its historical roots while looking towards the future with a thriving community.

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